When you started the band in 2003, did you expect to arrive where you are now, with fans all over the world?

I guess we all had our hopes, but reallistically speaking, I dont think anyone expected us to come this far…

I have observed that, as you are the principal composer of the band, the lyrics are written half in german and half in norwegian. Why you decide to do it?

I wanted to sing in German  because it is one of the most evil sounding languages I know of, however I can not really speak any German, let alone write it properly, so it became a mix between the two.

In my own opinion, I believe that your vocal register has their roots in the black metal. Do you have any special technique to sing like this?

I do use some technique yes, but I am unable to explain what the technique is, or how I use it.  It is very rooted in Black Metal and metal in general.  I could not sing nicely even if my life depended on it.

And, in what notes do you usually sing?

Notes??  Long before I started singing in Trollfest I started playing drums, and I still play drums and consider myself to be a drummer much more than a singer so when I sing, I am usually thinking about rythms and beats.

After recording the new album your bassist, Psychotroll, and the guitarist, St. Beinhard, have left the band. So, do you decide yet to incorporate Dr. Leif Kjønnsfleis and Lodd Bolt as permanent members?

-Both of them will be leave the band in a near future. (Dr. Leif Kjønnsfleis let the band in 2018 and Lodd Bolt still playing the bass with them)

Why do you decide to change the form of the ‘T’ for your fifth album for two axes, if we compare it with the others album’s logo? In fact, it looks more aggressive but I like it so much.

For our second album, a good friend of ours made us the first logo that we have used up until now and it has served us very well.  On our third album however, we started working with the awesome Jonas Darnell who drew the infamous duck and the covers of our latest two albums, one day not to long ago we got a mail from him out of the blue and inside it was the new logo and a small notice saying “I was bored the other day so I made this for you, do with it whatever you like…” Needless to say, we had to use it.

Your new album, Brumlebassen, went out the past 24th of august. Why did you decide to write an entire album about the bees and their interesting world? Who is ‘Brumlebassen’ for the Trolls and for the bees?

-For the trolls, Brumlebassen is the beekeeper and the meadmaker, a vit in othe words (very important troll).  To the bees he is that annoying thing that comes around with lots of smoke and steals most of their honey.  We decided to write about bees because it is time someone stood up for these little hard workers,  they make a fantastic substance (honey) but get no money or royalties of any kind in return for it.  Also there were no better ideas floating around at the time.

And, how it goes the recording process of Brumlebassen?

-It went swimmingly, in the time honoured tradition we had alot of fun throughout the whole process and we could not be more happy about the results.  We are as proud as freshly baked parents.

Brumlebassen is available in three formats: a CD normal edition, a digipack version with extras as 100 minutes of documentary, bonus-tracks, english translation of all the Brumlebassen lyrics… and a three-colour vinil format with more goodies fans. Why do you decide to do it?

I guess it is the nature of the buisness nowadays, just a cd with music and nothing else on it dont seem to be enough anymore, so we spiced up our package with anything cool we could think of.  Also some of the people in the band have gotten really into vinyls lately so they were really keen on us releasing our own vinyl.

In the song Finsken, Norsken og Presten one of the songs harder and extremely of the album; Vreth from FINNTROLL, features the vocal parts. And in Sellout, the only one that sung in english, and it’s a complete change in your musical register, because it sounds near to pop music with a very elegant and sweet melody; features in the vocals parts Mariangela (Demurtas) of TRISTANIA. Tell me about the experience of working with them.

-Both of them were very very proffesional and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them.  We toured with Finntroll on the 2011 heidenfest tour, and after three weeks of drinking we finally had the guts to ask Vreth if he would feature on our record, which he luckily decided to do.  As for Mariangela, she lives in the same city as us here in Norway, and our guitarist knew her from a festival he did with dead trooper in Mexico so we asked her very kindly on Birgers Birthdayparty if she would also feature on our album, and she also did so.  Big massive thanx to both of them for that.

The lasts songs of the album, Rundt Bållet and Konterbier, are a real final party hymns truly and smelly TROLLFEST trademark. Do you consider you could finish any of your shows now with any one of them?

-Rundt bålet has proven to be an absolute blast to play live so far so we will most assuredly bust that one out as often as we can.  As for Konterbier, maybe we will do that as an extra number if we ever get to the point were we can actually do extra numbers.

Last april, you visited Spain in tour with KORPIKLAANI. Do you like our country, in particular my town, Valencia (:D)? Will you visit us again when you start to planning your Brumlebassen Tour next year?

-Spain is a beautiful country with fantastic people and we absolutely loved it there, and if I remeber correctly Valencia has the biggest aquarium I have ever been to at least so I particularly loved Valencia.  At this particular moment we have no concrete plans for coming back to Spain, but we really hope that will change and if not, we will make it change and come back on our own.

And, the last october you played, for the second time, in the Heidenfest with KORPIKLAANI, WINTERSUN, VARG, KRAMPUS and in someone of the shows, with FINNTROLL and ARKONA. How the public reacted when you played songs of the album?

The response from the crowd to the new songs seemed very very good to me, some people were singing along like madmen and others were just grinning from ear to ear, of course there was also a couple of the “folded arms, frown on face” people out there, but despite looking like they hate it, these people keep showing up to shows so I guess they must be enjoying it on the inside.

And, do you confirm your assistance to any festival yet?

We do have a couple of festivals ready for the summer, like metalfest in germany and monsters of rock not to far from prague, however we are hoping the list wil grow fucking long and we end up spending all summer playing festivals 🙂