We inaugurate the new Metal Season, interviewing one of the most important bands on the current Swedish metal scene: HARDCORE SUPERSTAR. With eleven albums behind them and more than twenty years in the gap, they begin this new post-pandemic stage with the recording of their new studio album Abrakadabra that will become with a next tour that will start November the 6th from to December the 18th and will take HCSS all over their country. For this reason, I appreciated so much that Adde Andreasson, their drummer, took the time to answer my questions before starting their rehearsals for this tour.

Here you have the entire audio to listen and below it, the whole questionnaire so that you can follow the interview without problems.


1- When you look back in time, did you imagine being almost 25 years after your foundation, you are seeing yourselves as the cult band that you are now?

2- Have your way of seeing the musical business changed over the years and with your experience?

3- Hardcore Superstar is one of the few bands that has kept their line up practically unmovable since the entry of Vic Zino in 2008. Do you have any secret or is just a good teamwork?

4- Your last studio album You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N’ Roll, came out in 2018. Your next album Abrakadabra, is scheduled to be released next March 2022. Had you it planned like this way or the pandemic situation altered your initial plans?

5- The sound of your album You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N’ Roll, is very close to the Sunset Strip Blv sound created by the 80’s Mötley Crüe. In contrast, considering the recent singles ‘Catch Me If You Can’ and ‘Dreams in Red’ from your next album Abrakadabra, the sound is much dirtier and rogue, very close to your beginnings. Is it because you have returned to work with the producer Johan Reiven, who already worked with you in 2005 with your self-titled album Hardcore Superstar?

6- About the Hardcore Superstar album. Did you know that this album is known as the ‘Black Album’, as the one self-title released by Metallica?

7- The first time I listened your songs, I recognized the Sleazy / Glam influences with metallic dyes, with some punk streaks, very dirty and very dry. Without even knowing that it existed, I considered your sound as Street Metal. More than 10 years ago you were already described the creators of this new genre. In your most sincere opinion, have you met, seen or listen any band that follow your legacy? 

8- Let’s go back to talk about your next album Abrakadabra. The break of rehearsals and live shows, conditioned you your way of composition? How do you organize yourselves to create the songs? Could you tell me, without revealing too much, the main theme of Abrakadabra? The title suggests something related to magic.

9- The past August, I saw in your IG the publication of your next tour dates for November and December through your land that which is called ‘Abrakadabra Tour’. Although you have already done a show at the Swiss Rock Cruise on October 9th and taking into account that the album will still take time to come out; will be this tour like an exclusive presentation for your Swedish fans of various tracks or the entire album?

10- And how was it like to step on a stage again after more than a year without playing?

11- Before we finish the interview, are you already closing the Abrakadabra tour dates for Europe and the USA and some summer festivals? Will you visit Spain? Valencia is waiting for you since 2012.

12- If you want to say anything else… you are welcome


I am hugely grateful to Gain (the label under the record company Fifth Island Music which works with HCSS) and Johan Lönnqvist for giving me this opportunity.




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Hardcore Superstar new single ‘Weep when You Die’ out next November 5th 

Photos taken from IG and Google research