Gutalax is one of the most important bands on the Czech scene, which they share with other greats like Jig-Ai or Spasm and they are a sure bet on stage at any festival or as headliners on their own tour. Although they haven’t set foot in Spain for years, here they have always enjoyed an audience devoted to their Gore style focused on feces. So, taking advantage of a “small” stop in the way of their live shows and before they get fully involved in all the dates they have agreed, Kat S.F. gets in touch with their leader and vocalist Martin ‘Maty’ Matoušek to answer some questions. And here is what he has told us.

K: First of all, thank you very much for being able to answer our questions, because I know you have a lot of work. So let’s start!

Gutalax has had a very busy metal season this past year 2022. How many festivals have you been to?

M: Hi. We have around 60 shows in 2022 in total.

K: Your last studio album The Shitpendables dates from November 2021. Seeing some of the titles like ‘Buttman’, Rosamund Pitchshifter’, ‘Shitbusters’ and even the main album’s title, do you talk about cinema on this album?

M: We are big fans of movies and we are always mixing our kind of humour with our favorite movies. You can see our song names, albums and intros.

K: Did you played live this album on stage before the end of the year 2021 or did you prefer to wait for the festival season in 2022?

M: We played like two songs before the Shitpendables release.

K: One of the most obvious handicaps of Gutalax is the theme. Why did you choose the fecal issue as the main argument?

M: Haha, cause everyone are shitting, its a nature way and a shit is the neverending theme. Why not?

K: And have you ever run out of inspiration?

M: Never.

K: Do you know any other band or bands that shares your theme? And if so, have you met them on stage or would you like to?

M: Sometimes we are playing shows with some “shitty bands” yeah, haha.

K: Are you agree with those voices that sometimes they call you ‘Groovy Goregrind’? In which parts do you think they identify that sound?

M: We are definitely groovy and gore. We are not too much grind at all…We are trying to call our style Gore’n’Roll.

K: Most of the more important Grind bands become from Czech Republic: Spasm, Carnal Diafragma, Jig Ai, Rompeprop, Ahumado Granujo… Do you think that your country are auspicious to Grind and Gore genre as Norway is to Black?

M: Well, I can proudly say that we are. Maybe not with Grindcore only but with all the extreme music scene which is very big here. You can see how small country we are and how many bands we have and how many festivals. Something to be proud of here.

K: On your last album The Shitpendables you have some songs sung in Czech by guest singers. When you sing, do you use your natural register or you use some kind of transformer to get that particular muddy tone you have?

M: I never used any pitchshifter or something for my voice. Always natural piggy froggy voices of mine, haha. At our album are some parts eith haarmonizer just for more colorfull album, but live we never use it.

K: But do you sing in Czech, in English or do you intone the vowels?

M: I have some short parts with texts which are sometimes in Czech and sometimes in English. But those parts are really short, the rest has no text, haha.

K: And if it’s the third option, are or not lyrics written? And if isn’t, how do you organize to sing without having lyrics?

M: I do a singing easily like with text just without text.. nothing hard at all. It’s like a new language (laugh)

K: And finally, very soon you will be back with shows and festivals. Have you thought about doing a regular tour-town? Would you come to Spain?

M: We play at Burgorefest in September, which is in Spain. We have some short Spanish tour planned for March 2024. So, yeah, Spain we will be back!

K: If you want to add something else… you’re welcome!

M: Just wanna say hello & gracias to everyone in Spain, we are looking forward to be back.





Their last official funnyshitty video, just here:

Band photo: Facebook