If I have to be honest, since I reviewed the Brumlebassen album, back in 2013, I got off the hook a lot, not from the TrollfesT discography, but from any international band. I dedicated myself more to giving way to the local scene and, that left me without time to look at what bands that I liked a lot were doing.

Now luckily, I have caught up again and today the pioneers of True Norwegian Balkan Metal, have just released an Ep on vinyl and limited edition in a beautiful transparent blue color to the delight of the most staunch who are already enjoying, baptized like Happy Heroes.

This vinyl has three versions and an unreleased track. The versions, two of which have already been released plus the unreleased song, have enjoyed very good acceptance among fans of the Norwegians.Let’s break down this Ep a bit.

The first version is from the 1988 Bobby McFerrin classic Don’t Worry Be Happy or D.W.B.H. to abreviate. The original song to me honestly said very little (I don’t remember much, really) but it was a relentless hit. The Trolletes version, it must be said that it is very respectful with the original except in the encore, which is where the band shines with all its musical artillery and with that saxophone by Drekka Dag who attacks with great force. Trollmannen’s voice stands out in a calmer and lower register than usual.Incomprehensibly, within two weeks of its release, the version was withdrawn. It was argued that it was due to authorship problems but they themselves said that they requested the pertinent permission to be able to do it. Still the cover was lost forever, at least for now. Servidora does not fit that argument because versions of that issue circulate more than executable and they are there, so the problem must have been in the video where the situation of the Trolls was portrayed in a kind of mental institution. Thus, the version of the D.W.B.H can only be heard by Spotify whoever has it or on vinyl whoever acquires it. A pity for the video, it was very funny.

The second version released today is the song Happy by Pharrel Williams from 2014. As in the previous case, it is very well closed with that original touch that only they know how to give with the accordion setting the pace and Trollmannen’s voice in its usual cutting register and the help in the background of his guitar Fabio (in fact they two make up the whole video). The remaining musical part is very harsh and invites obvious headbanging. The video itself, impressive. Here you have the link:


The third version is Cartoon Heroes from Aqua. The original song I had forgotten how lazy it was. The Danish hoped to regain the success of the barbiturate, but the matter turned out badly. Although officially the issue has not been said whether or not it will have video, the version is available on its Spotify.

Curiously, I believed that it would be Trollmannen who would be in charge of all the voices, but they wanted to remain faithful to the initial structure and for the female voice they had the participation of Miriam R. Müller. Müller has much more voice than the original singer, who spends the entire holy tune singing in falsetto. This is welcome and therefore gives a really fresh and vivid dimension to the subject. This version is very accelerated, so much so that it seems that they are going to derail at any moment. In general, it is a very happy and well-closed song that gives 3000 laps to the original both on a vocal level, since Miriam’s voice is very beautiful and full-bodied, as well as musically.

The unpublished song that gives its name to Ep Happy Heroes is at least a marvelous song, in fact it is one of my favorites by far. It is catchy, with clear voices and a well closed musical structure and that musical change in minute 2.23 is exceptional. This one is sung in English, like the other songs. Special mention deserves the video, which needs at least 5 times of viewing to capture all the recognizable winks that are in it. I leave the link for you to enjoy it:


The Happy Heroes Ep is released by Napalm Records and is available on vinyl only.

TrollfesT are:

TrollBANK (Bouzouki)

Drekka Dag (Saxophon)

Fjernkontrollet (Accordion/Synthesizer)

Fabio Grimdrap Glutenfri Fleskeng (Guitar)

Trollmannen (Vocals)

Lodd Bolt (Bass)

Mr.Seidel (Guitar)

Kjellkjé Chinnetfür Björnênēszkūtt (Drums)

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